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MacGregor – shaping the offshore and marine industries

MacGregor’s strategic focus is two-fold: improving profitability and preparing for long term growth.  We safeguard the effectiveness and competitiveness of our operations by leveraging the asset-light business model. Further developing the shiptype solutions to maximise benefit of our wide portfolio and boosting profitability of ship operators as well as enhancing and investing in our service business lay the foundation for the sustainable growth.


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Our vision is shaping the offshore and marine industries

We understand the industry landscape and our customers’ needs. Our proven track record and innovative new solutions give us integrity as a market leader and thought leader in the offshore and marine industries. We have long been known for setting the industry standard, and are an expert even regulators turn to when they need advice while working on new regulations. Our vision, together with our determined and bold spirit, drives us forward.



Our mission is serving customers globally with the most value-creating services and solutions

Working daily together with owners, operators and shipbuilders, we innovate, design and engineer solutions that last for a lifetime. Our work starts from understanding the industry landscape and our customers’ needs. It continues with designing value-creating solutions and providing lifetime support through on-site and remote services that maximise safety and performance, and minimise downtime. We constantly seek to find new ways to make our customers’ lives and businesses better.


Integrity steers all our thinking, behaviour and the way we nurture the relationships with our customers and other stakeholders.

Quality is valued in our processes, products and services and helps to improve our customers’ performance and our own competences.

Safety is essential in everything we do. Our customers can rely on us to put safety at the forefront of our designs, deliveries and services so that they can run their operations without unpleasant surprises, and we all have a safe working environment.

These values propel us forward, and form the foundation for continuing to deliver what our customers need to succeed.


 Vision, mission and values