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How we work together


How we work together

At MacGregor we value the importance of winning together. To be a truly successful company it is essential that we celebrate, collaborate, share best practices, engage with our stakeholder environment and work in a socially responsible manner leveraging upon our customers, personnel and external partnerships. This requires that we recognise how to create value through our people and the people around us.

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We must also acknowledge the efforts of our people and recognise their contribution to our success. To have the best talent in the industry and retain such talent requires a significant effort from the business and its leadership to ensure our people feel valued and engaged.

An example of external collaboration is the way in which we work together with a number of local universities. We support our younger generation to develop professionally. Students at our partner universities have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into our business, learning from leading professionals in the market whilst at the same time giving us fresh insight into the way we can develop our business for the benefit of our customers.