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So much potential


MacGregor invites the industry to make the most of its potential


MacGregor is committed to tackling inefficiency and waste within the industry, embarking on numerous in-house projects, but at the same time asking stakeholders to co-create a more sustainable future.

MacGregor believes that the offshore and marine industries are at the beginning of a new era; employing technology and digital capabilities that could only be dreamt about just a few decades ago. However, tough market conditions dictate that it is essential to look at industry performance on every level.
“Waste drags down competitiveness and

the appeal of our industries”
It is evident in all sectors, but collectively we have huge potential to improve.
MacGregor shapes the offshore and marine industries by delivering pioneering solutions, designing-in efficiencies and building-out risks. Further to this, we are asking all major stakeholders for an open-minded, cooperative industry drive for a safer, more efficient and more sustainable future.

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