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MacGregor News cover vol 171 Autumn 2016










MacGregor News, vol 171, Autumn 2016

MacGregor is committed to optimising the lifetime profitability, efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability of our customers’ operations. At best this is done in close cooperation with our customers and other key stakeholders.

In our leading article,  starting from page 6,  we are calling for change, as in the segments where we operate, we have identified a lot of unnecessary waste in the form of inefficiencies, outdated practices, damage to cargo and dangerous working conditions for shipboard crew and stevedores.

MacGregor continues to innovate and expand its portfolio with new solutions and services. The acquisition of Interschalt earlier this year strengthened MacGregor’s software capabilities and complements our strategic aim, as part of Cargotec, to be the leader in intelligent cargo handling,  read more from page 25.

The weight savings offered by MacGregor’s fibre-rope crane is a great example of one of the recent industry innovations (page 10). MacGregor’s PlusPartner concept illustrates how well we have been able to remove significant waste in the container logistics value chain by improving the efficiency of new container ships; existing ships are also benefitting from our Cargo Boosts (page 20).