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Bulk carriers


Bulk carriers

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Maximised capacity, safety and efficiency for bulk carriers

Bulk carriers are the workhorses of the seas. Due to the nature of cargoes, ship safety is of the utmost importance and allows no compromise; for example, hatch cover tightness. The environment is often corrosive and, for maximum lifetime, cargo systems have to be built to address these demanding conditions. In addition, the recent class rule developments pose new challenges.

MacGregor's solutions for bulk cargo handling comprise purpose-designed hatch covers, cranes, self-unloading systems and land-based loading/unloading equipment for all types of bulk handling. At MacGregor, the bulk carrier arrangement on the weather deck and the cargo space layout is designed with the highest possible level of ship productivity in mind, making fast and efficient loading possible even in ports with limited infrastructures. 
For Handysize, Handymax and Supramax vessels, our GLB crane offers excellent performance with a robust design. High capacity fast load cycles together with low energy consumption renders efficient and short port stops. The GLE and GLBE, our electric cranes, are effective, efficient and environmentally friendly and inherit the proven characteristics of the previous generation of wire-luffing cranes. The K4 (4-rope) crane is designed to handle the toughest conditions. Reliable, well-proven designs make general provision cranes (GP) the natural choice for handling free-fall lifeboats.
Hatch covers for bulk carriers
For Handysize, Handymax and Supramax vessels, MacGregor folding hatch covers are usually specified. For Panamax and Capesize bulkers, as well as VLOCs, MacGregor side-rolling hatch covers are the optimum choice for weather decks.  
The electric MacRack drive system for side-rolling hatch covers combines lift and drive operations. Visit page "Operating arrangements".
For efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly bulk cargo transfer from ship to shore or between ships, we offer self-loading and unloading systems for bulk carriers, floating transfer terminals and offshore supply vessels. Features include a full flow gate for optimal material flow and a fully enclosed boom ensuring minimum environmental impact. Many dry bulk commodities can be handled, both powdery and coarse, including coal, cement, iron ore, gypsum rock, limestone, fly ash, gravel and aggregates.
Our aim is to keep your operation up and running, wherever you are in the world, throughout the lifetime of your carrier or fleet. For more information on services for bulk carrier cargo systems (maintenance, repairs, modernisation, spare parts, consultancy and inspections), visit our marine services pages.

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​For efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly bulk cargo transfer from ship to shore or between ships, MacGregor dry bulk handling solutions are the right choice. For the complete offering, see our Cargo Handling Book:




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