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Offshore vessels


Offshore vessels


In-depth understanding of your operations offshore

MacGregor is the world-leading provider of comprehensive market-driven

engineering solutions for installation on offshore vessels and rigs. We offer a broad portfolio of solutions that will improve your operations and will optimise overall functionality of a specific ship type and its operational requirements.

MacGregor equips most advanced offshore support vessels and rigs with comprehensive packages of top-of-the-line solutions for subsea load handling, deck- and anchor handling, towing and mooring operations, rig and drillship support, and offshore mooring and loading. 

Wherever around the world we are, we work closely with our customers with a passion for performance and a drive to overcome any challenge.

Our dedicated experts of MacGregor offshore and subsea load handling solutions are based in Kristiansand, Norway; Hatlapa deck machinery are located in Uetersen, Germany; Triplex deck and anchor handling systems are stationed at Averøy, Norway; PUSNES offshore mooring and loading systems are positioned in Arendal, Norway.

It is our strategic aim to benefit our customers by driving innovation and taking the lead in further developing the industries we are in. Close co-operation with customers, classification societies and maritime authorities combined with innovative design, quality products and worldwide lifecycle support, makes MacGregor the perfect partner for your offshore projects.


​We are a global team of professionals, who create value for you; the operators, owners, and shipbuilders.