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Woodfield marine loading arms


Swivels and skid modules/QEHS

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MacGregor has sold the majority shares of Woodfield Systems Ltd.

Woodfield offers onshore loading customers marine loading arms for fluid transfer of crude oil, refined products, chemicals LPG and LNG. Due to the different clientele, Woodfield has been a stand-alone brand within MacGregor.  Read the press release here.

Woodfield Systems ambient and cryogenic swivels are well proven within the industry and are fully compliant with the OCIMF Design & Construction Specification for marine loading arms.  The cryogenic swivel has also been life cycle tested. In addition to being used within marine loading arms the swivels are also used in offshore loading systems.

Skid modules
In addition to marine loading arms, Woodfield Systems offer the design and manufacture of Skid Modules/Packages for the Oil and Petrochemical Industry. Skid package pipework can be constructed from Duplex, Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel to suit client process requirements.

QEHS features as a key agenda item at all levels of the MacGregor organisation and is focused on the proactive prevention of accidents. QEHS is seen as an integral part of MacGregor’s operations and QEHS training is mandatory for all staff.
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