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Deck conveyor systems


Deck conveyor systems


Economical and high-capacity self-unloading deck conveyor systems for bulk carriers

The MacGregor deck conveyor system for bulk carriers is easy and quick to install at a low cost. It is suitable for the conversion of Handymax and Panamax vessels.  Its concept is based on the use of existing or new deck cranes, which – in combination with a number of large hoppers on deck, a system of longitudinal/ cross conveyors, and a boom conveyor – transport material from the holds to shore facilities, or offshore to barges or other vessels.

The deck conveyor system offers great advantages including:

  • flexibility
  • low total cost
  • low power consumption
  • suitable for standard ship designs
  • can handle most coarse materials
  • the system can be both self-loading and self-unloading
  • ideally suited for transfer operations
  • ideally suited for conversions

The equipment can handle a wide range of cargoes, including coal, iron ore, gravel, clinker, gypsum rock and aggregates.


The MacGregor deck conveyor system discharges bulk material by using deck cranes that load the cargo into hoppers located on deck. From the hoppers the cargo is fed onto longitudinal belt conveyors and transferred to a cross conveyor which discharges via a boom conveyor into the shore receiving facilities.

Depending on the number of cranes and hoppers, a peak capacity of 4,000t/h can be reached and an average discharge rate of 1,000-2,500t/h can be maintained. This rate is mainly dependent on the cranes, which may have to be upgraded to provide the best possible discharge rates.  

Animation: MacGregor deck conveyor system

The conveyor system is operated from a deck house equipped with electrical switchgear and control equipment.    

​ The MacGregor deck conveyor system offers great flexibility both in terms of vessel utilisation and the type of material that can be handled.



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