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Bulk reclaimer system


Bulk reclaimer system


Versatile, efficient and environmentally friendly multicargo self-unloading system

The unique MacGregor bulk reclaimer self-unloading system can handle most dry bulk cargoes including a number of difficult, abrasive and also powdery materials. Coal, iron ore, mineral concentrates and gypsum – among many others – can be handled by the bulk reclaimer, which is particularly well suited for hard-to-handle materials. It is also possible to take other different cargoes on return voyages.


The MacGregor bulk reclaimer system discharges material from top of the cargo holds. It can run a multiple cargo hold operation, which maximises cargo carrying capacity and flexibility. The deck-mounted totally-enclosed discharge system ensures dust-free ship unloading. The bulk reclaimer operates under a travelling deckhouse, which is independent of weather conditions and is automatically operated ensuring minimal crew involvement.

The system can be designed for full integration into newbuild vessels or for easy installation on existing vessels. For maximum performance and efficiency, each delivery is tailormade to suit the customer’s specific requirements in terms of ship size and capacities.  

Key benefits

·         Flexible self-unloading system
·         Multiple cargo shipments
·         Suitable for hard-to-handle cargoes
·         Applicable for newbuildings as  well as conversions
·         Tailored to suit each vessel for maximum performance
·         Minimal crew required to operate the system
·         Environmentally-friendly operation


A vessel fitted with a MacGregor bulk reclaimer system has all the necessary equipment on board to undertake a fast and efficient unloading operation. The principle elements of this system are the bulk reclaimer elevator positioned on the vessel’s weatherdeck, together with a moving deckhouse, longitudinal and elevating conveyors, and the discharging boom conveyor.

The bulk reclaimer elevator is located on deck and travels, with the deckhouse, in a longitudinal direction on rails over the cargo holds. While the reclaimer unit is unloading one cargo hold, the deckhouse is positioned above this hold and forms an effective barrier from wind, rain and snow during unloading operations. After opening the appropriate hatch cover, discharge starts from the top by lowering the reclaimer, which is fed by the specially designed visor feeder. The unit reclaims the cargo layer by layer down to the bottom of the hold. The visor feeder reduces material left for clean-up to a minimum.
From the reclaimer unit, the cargo is further transported via belt conveyors to the boom conveyor for off-loading to stockpiles or receiving hoppers ashore. The boom conveyor can be up to 90m-long and have, if required, a shuttling discharge end. The conveyor system is operated from a control cabin located inside the deckhouse.
Environmentally-friendly operation
A MacGregor bulk reclaimer system, equipped with a travelling deckhouse, ensures virtually dust-free vessel discharge. The boom and deck conveyors that feed material from the vessel to the shore can be equipped with conveyor covers, water spray nozzles and dust collectors at loading points, which reduce spillage and dust emissions to a minimum. The boom conveyor can be equipped with a telescopic chute so that the material is enclosed all the way to the receiving hopper ashore.
This ensures dust-free operation with minimal environmental impact to the surrounding area, as well as for the crew working onboard the vessel and the stevedores ashore.
In addition, the conveyor technology ensures the lowest possible power consumption, saving money and minimising emissions from a reduced need for power generation. The conveyors are driven by electric drives with or without frequency control.



The MacGregor bulk reclaimer system is designed to be as flexible as possible for different bulk cargoes and it is particularly well suited for hard-to-handle materials. 


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