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Cargo scooper system


Cargo scooper system


Highly flexible top-reclaiming self-unloading system

The MacGregor cargo scooper system can handle a wide variety of bulk loads, ranging from coarse, free flowing materials to fine, powdery cargoes.

The MacGregor cargo scooper’s versatility is a great benefit to the shipowner as it allows a vessel to carry, for example, cement on one voyage followed by clinker or other free-flowing coarse bulk materials on the next. It is also capable of handling more cohesive (stickier) commodities.

The standard cargo scooper can discharge at a rate of 600 t/h from each hold. This figure varies a little depending on the type of cargo handled. Discharge can be carried out with the hatch covers closed.  Along with a totally-enclosed conveyor system, this ensures a dust-free operation with minimal environmental impact.

The system can be designed for full integration into newbuild vessels and for easy retrofit installation on existing vessels. Each delivery is designed in close cooperation with the customer to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.  


  • Top reclaiming system
  • Handles both powdery and coarse bulk materials 
  • High discharge capacity
  • Applicable for newbuildings and conversions
  • Minimal crew required to operate the system
  • Environmentally-friendly operation


A vessel fitted with a MacGregor cargo scooper system has all the necessary equipment to undertake fast and efficient autonomous unloading operations. The cargo scooper is a surface-scraping discharge system that unloads cargo from the top of the cargo pile, working downwards. The principal elements are a hoistable scraper system fitted in each cargo hold, bucket elevators, deck conveyors and a boom conveyor.

The scrapers gently shave off layers from the surface of the cargo and direct the material to a bucket elevator. Each elevator serves two holds.

The elevator lifts the cargo above deck level and transfers it to a customised conveyor system. The final stage, transfer to the shore, is achieved via a slewing and hoistable shuttle boom or a pneumatic discharge system.

 Animation: MacGregor cargo scooper system 

As the cargo scooper system operates with closed hatch covers, it ensures virtually dust-free operations. The boom conveyor feeding the material from the vessel to the shore can also be fully enclosed, minimising spillage and dust in this phase of the discharge. Dust collectors can be installed on the boom, further reducing dust emissions.

 In addition, the new MacGregor enclosed boom reduces spillage and dust emissions to an absolute minimum.

This enclosed discharge system ensures a clean ship and a clean quay with minimal environmental impact on the surrounding areas. It also has a beneficial effect on the working conditions of the crew and stevedores.

In addition, the conveyor technology ensures the lowest possible power consumption, saving money and minimising emissions as a result of the reduced electrical generation requirements. The conveyors are powered by electric drives, with or without variable frequency control.   

​The cargo scooper is a surface-scraping discharge system that unloads cargo from the top of the cargo pile.


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