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Car decks


Car decks


MacGregor car decks enable fast and efficient loading and unloading


Flexible car decks that can be adapted to the cargo mix

Car decks can be deployed or stowed depending on the needs. They can be lowered for maximum loading of cars, or raised to provide maximum headroom. They are divided into sections which can be individually hoisted. Each section may have two decks and they can be set at several alternative positions depending on the need.


  • Lightweight liftable and hoistable plywood car deck panels
  • Lashings
  • Electrically-driven car decks


For shipowners and operators, efficiency and flexibility means profitability. Port turnaround times are gettings shorter and it's crucial to be prepared for changes in the cargo mix and port of calls. The flexibility of MacGregor RoRo cargo access systems will make a vital contribution to the success of your operation.