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Offshore deck machinery equipment


Anchor handling / towing winches

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Stronger winches that can take the strain

MacGregor anchor handling winches are designed for specific customer requirements and offer best possible solution for a specific scope of work.

  • MacGregor supplies a broad range of  winches and related components to meet all need in the offshore industry. VHSS wire spooling system ensures excellen wire spooling of extremely long wires without the need for defined minimum distance between the winch and the first wire sheave. The wire can be directed in any direction when leaving the winch. MacGregor winches equipped with this system therefore, offer maximum installation in limited spaces.
    • Standard features include:
    • Electric / Electro-hydraulic / Air drive
    • Single / double / triple drum configuration in waterfall arrangement
    • 50 - 350 tonne rated line-pull on first layer
    • up to 500 tonne brake holing static at first layer
    • Manual / hydraulic operated brake
    • Dynamic braking to facilitate high load / high speed lowering with de-clutching
    MacGregor winches may be delivered with additional functions such as constant tension, passive or active heave compensation based on direct winch operation or in-line cylinder units, including control systems and power units. The reference system for such applications is normally guideline-free and based on motion signals from MRU (Motion Reference Unit).
    Additional special functions include auto variable speed control, wire spooling and guide systems, grooved drums, emergency release function, gravity lowering, emergency hoisting function, etc.
    Related components:
    • Tugger winches
    • Capstans
    • Sheaves and swivel faileads
    • Power packs
    • Control systems (local and remote)
    • Shark jaws / Towing pins
    • Length tension monitoring system
    • Towing hook
    • Provision crane

    Supplying a broad range of MacGregor winches and related components to meet all needs in the offshore industry. ​