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Offshore deck machinery equipment


Chain pulling winches

chain pulling winch.jpg  

Electric chain handling winches have variable frequency drives and allow for the safe use of various chain sizes by limiting the load on the chain to a preset value. They can be supplied as portable units with taylormade foundation for installation in chain locker hatches. Chain guide rollers and adjustable guide rollers for various chain sizes are also available.

Pull / speed:    40 kN at 0 - 100 m / min (for 127 mm chain)
                           70 kN at 0 - 60 m / min (for 70 mm chain)

Design:             Reduction gear with wheel protection, grease lubricated

Drive:                 1 Hatlapa low pressure motor with built-on change-over valve
                           and throttle valve with remote control for hauling-in/ paying-out

Weight:             approx. 4,200 kg without motor
                           approx. 5,400 kg with motor