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Offshore deck machinery equipment


Winch chair

winch chair.jpg
With electronic pedestal adjustment
This winch chair was specially developed to meet the extreme needs and levels of comfort required when undertaking the precise and arduous steering operations required on specialist vessels. The HATLAPA 2500 MX provides plentiful space for a number of steering controls and instruments such as joysticks, monitors and control systems. The 2500 MX features as standard a large height adjustable column (MX column) which also simplifies cable routing. The height of the seat can be electrically adjusted by 27 cm, and the foot pedals mechanically adjusted. The seat back features a flexible hydraulic shock absorber.
  • specially laid out HATLAPA arm rests for HATLAPA operating controls and monitor
  • Electical column height adjustment
  • HATLAPA 1500 upholstery