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Access doors for ROV


Access doors for ROV



Reliable solutions for operations in extreme conditions

Over the years MacGregor has designed numerous bow, side, stern and bulkhead doors for RoPax ferries, RoRo freight and naval vessels. Drawing on the expertise of designing watertight equipment for the marine industry, MacGregor has developed technology to support the offshore sector.

We supply watertight access doors for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and offshore service vessels (OSV), operating in extreme environments where heavy weather is common and operational continuity essential.


​ROV hangar doors must be able to operate in high sea-states and cope with the effects of wind and wave slamming. Door design is therefore absolutely critical to ensure sustained functionality.

MacGregor door design is reliable, safe and secure and of well-proven structural integrity, particularly in respect to high sea loads. They retain weather tightness when closed and secured, and a combination of operating systems are available using hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors. Doors can be partially opened, to provide operator protection, or fully opened depending upon the end users operational requirements.

We ensure that your door will meet your needs in terms of quality, efficiency, security and overall economy. Yet it will be standardised in all major functions. You will be supplied with well-proven, reliable equipment which is easy to repair in the event of an accident and easy to maintain for long-term trouble-free operation. We believe in high quality in every respect.



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