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Stern doors


Stern doors


Over the years, MacGregor has designed and manufactured a great variety of stern doors for different types of ships. We therefore promise that your door will meet your needs in terms of quality, efficiency, security and overall economy. Yet it will be standardised in all major functions.


The door type and size depends on if the door is located in a straight or curved area of the shell, the height between the decks, the depth of shell girders, the door clear closing and the ship's area of operation (shortsea, RoPax or deepsea) etc.


Deepsea RoRo vessels have a very wide quarter ramp, usually incorporating a separate stern door that closes the hull opening. The door is fitted with a rubber seal in contact with the upper deck and coaming. For operation in association with a quarter ramp, a top-hinged, upward pivoting door is most suitable, situated immediately forward of the ramp. It opens to permit access following the ramp being lowered from stowage.


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