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Hydraulic folding hatch covers


Hydraulic folding hatch covers


Hydraulic folding hatch covers offer flexible solutions

With ever more efficient cargo working in port being the objective, modern dry cargo vessels are tending to develop to a more ‘open’ trend, i.e. the size of the hatches compared with the deck area is growing. This implies that there is less stowage space available for the hatch covers, which has made the high-stowing hydraulic folding covers very popular. 

Hydraulic operation results in smooth and positive control of the big panels during opening and closing of the cover. A major advantage with the hydraulic folding covers is the low number of panels. Fewer big panels are advantageous when designing the covers for container loads. Hydraulic folding hatch covers can be designed in various configurations to fulfil almost any requirements on hatch opening size, uniform loading, container arrangements and operation possibilities.

Weather deck hatch  covers can be equipped with special fittings, as required: for example, with stanchion sockets for loading timber, cement/grain feed hatches, and ventilation hatches or water spray arrangements for dangerous cargo.



​Partial opening solutions and a wide range of combinations of hatch covers and bulkheads provide flexibility for different cargoes.


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