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Side-rolling hatch covers


Side-rolling hatch covers

Rolling VLOC.jpg

Side-rolling hatch covers for demanding conditions

Side-rolling hatch covers are popular for use on the weatherdecks of larger bulk carriers such as Panamax and Capesize types. In the case of ore/bulk/oil (OBO’s) and ore/oil carriers, the covers are designed to sustain internal liquid loads.

Side-rolling hatch covers stow in a transverse direction. The traditional side-rolling cover consists of two panels per hatch, each panel rolling sideways on a pair of transverse ramps, thus presenting a minimum obstacle when loading.

In some cases both panels can be stowed together on one side to further enhance access when loading and unloading. This alternative reduces daylight opening by approximately 50%. Single-panel types where the panel stows transversally or longitudinally are mainly used on very large ore carriers (VLOC’s), with sufficient free deck area. The covers open by lifting to the rolling position and rolling out by the drive mechanism. Drive systems of the rack and pinion, rack and pinion plus wire or chain drive types, or the MacRack ensure efficient operation.

RollingPUNAINEN.jpgSpecially developed sealing and securing systems and a superior structural design ensure that the rules and regulations of all classification societies and international authorities are met. The ship’s hull and hatch coamings will deform in both harbour and sea conditions. These variables must be taken into consideration when selecting the type of hatch cover. Hatch covers with an open web structure, with a flat or inclined top plate, are superior to a double-skin structure, allowing for torsion of the coaming. Also their thermal deflections are minimised. Where a clean underside is required, box beams or beams with slope plates can be used.    

  • Side/end-rolling weatherdeck hatch covers

  • For single and double panel solutions

  • Lifting either by hydraulic pot lifts or by Roll-up-Roll system

  • Rack & pinion and chain drive types

  • Manual, hydraulic or auto-cleating systems

  • Special support pads for proper installation and to minimise friction and wear

  • FlexSeal for reliable sealing

  • Adjustable fittings (to compensate for wear)

  • Components of high quality materials for long service life

  • Standardised design

  • Emphasis on improved safety

Weather deck hatch  covers can be equipped with special fittings, as required: for example, with cement/grain feed hatches, and ventilation hatches or water spray arrangements for dangerous cargo.

​Due to the nature of cargoes, ship safety is of utmost importance and allows no compromise for hatch cover tightness.