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Lifting/loading platforms


Lifting and loading platforms


    Trailer lift on Spirit of Britain_Print_41133.jpgTrailer lift on Spirit of Britain_Print_41127.jpg


    Efficient lifting and loading of vehicles and cargo

    MacGregor's lifting platforms for use between deck levels. The platform will be purpose-built, weight optimized and designed for easy reliable operation. It can be hydraulically or electrically operated.

  • The L-type lifting platform, can serve two or more decks at the same time without taking up cargo space when it acts as a weathertight hatch in its closed position.
  • The four point lifting type is raised and lowered by means of a four point wire system anchored in the upper deck it serves. The platform consists of a single section operated by jiggerwinch and wire ropes located inside the platform or in the hull depending on requirments. 
    Typical application is for provision trailers on RoPax ships. Then in combination with a separate ramp cover.

Our wide range of weathertight lifting and loading platforms includes:

  • Lifting platforms for vehicles, cargo, provisions or pallets
  • Lifting platforms for helicopters and cargo
  • Loading platforms for loading cargo, stores, bunkering and luggage
The lifting or loading platform will be custom-made to suit the specific needs of the shipbuilder, shipowner and operator. The equipment is robust, reliable and incorporates the latest technology, meeting the specific operating requirements and strict passenger safety regulations.