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Offshore loading systems


HiLoad DP load terminal project


HiLoad DP load terminal project

HiLoad DP is a vessel for loading oil in mid-ship manifold on the open sea. Remora ASA, the developer of the vessel, has successfully completed performance testing of the concept. Remora ASA completed the sea trial and performance test of the HiLoad DP load terminal on 27 January 2011.

Svein Børge Hellesmark, technology manager at Remora, reports that the testing of the HiLoad DP was accepted by all 13 oil companies attending the test. The operation of the offloading system was a considerable part of this test. Hellesmark also emphasised the great cooperation Remora has had with MacGregor Pusnes since 2003, throughout the development of this offloading station.

The main components of the offloading system we delivered to this project, are a specially designed lightweight hose reel, spooling gear, an aluminum slipway and a winch for attaching the hose to the tanker’s connection point. Gliding surfaces in contact with the loading hose are equipped with rollers to reduce hose friction.
The hose reel is equipped with an emergency release device.
The offloading station is powered by electric frequency controlled motors and operated by a radio remote control, allowing the operator to move around while operating the system. The system is fully integrated into the HiLoad DP control system.

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