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Offshore loading systems


Pusnes bow loading system

The Pusnes bow loading system enables a shuttle tanker to safely and efficiently load oil from an offshore production or storage facility. The bow loading system consists of two integrated systems. 

The hose handling system

A 20” bow loading coupler is located forward at the centreline of the ship. The coupler receives the hose end from the offloading vessel/platform (FPSO, FSO).
A vital part of the system is the Pusnes moment free bow loading coupler which allows the coupler to follow the movement of the hose. The system includes a hose winch for pulling in and handling the hose during the connection and disconnection phases. 

The hawser handling system

A roller fairlead and a chain stopper located on the platform deck are operated together with a twin drum traction winch for mooring purposes during tandem loading. The chain stopper is a hydraulically operated, self-locking type, and can
be released under full design load. Aft of the chain stopper is a guide roller with a built-in load cell which operates together with a traction winch. The system also includes a storage reel or bin for storing the messenger line during loading.