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Offshore loading systems


Pusnes offloading system

An offloading system enables an offshore unit to offload oil to a shuttle tanker or tanker of opportunity. The Pusnes offloading consists of two integrated systems.

The hose handling system

This system comprises of various components that handle the hose during offloading and store the hose between loadings. The hose can be stored on a reel on deck, or on a chute along the deck. Simple systems have the hose floating in the sea between loadings.

The hawser handling system

This system is a mooring system with the purpose of maintaining the tandem-moored vessel at a safe distance during loading operations. The hawser is attached to a releasable hawser-handling winch which combines mooring, handling, storage and emergency release functions into a single unit. After the offloading operation has been completed, the releasable hawser handling winch is used for storing the hawser complete with thimbles, chafing chain, messenger line and forerunner line.
All operations are handled without any manual handling of shackles and hawsers.