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Offshore loading systems


Pusnes offshore loading systems

MacGregor has supplied Pusnes offshore loading systems since 1977 and is recognised worldwide as an innovative designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art bow loading systems. Approximately 90 bow loading and 50 offloading systems have been delivered to date.


 As field development in arctic areas continues, the need for specialised equipment in these harsh areas becomes more and more significant. MacGregor has delivered both Pusnes bow loading systems and Pusnes offloading systems for arctic fields in Russia.

MacGregor has a strong history of innovation and execution excellence. State-of-the-art concepts for challenging offloading and bow loading projects have placed MacGregor at the forefront of the industry.

In-house technical expertise provides customers with safe, integrated and cost-effective solutions. The continued success of our loading systems depends on our commitment to deliver high quality products which are operationally safe and environmentally sound.

Our dedication to safety is verified by our long track record for the supply of systems with virtually no incidents leading to human injury.  Various types of safety features are included in the equipment design and contribute to achieving the high level of safety and pollution avoidance, e.g:

  •  Fail-safe brakes
  • Control interlocks
  • CTV surveillance of operations
  • State-of-the-art alarms
  • See through drum flanges
  • Flushing systems
  • Operational redundancy 

MacGregor   successfully provides functional and reliable systems for rough and extreme weather conditions.