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MacGregor products


 MacGregor is a family of innovators. Innovative engineering is characteristic for our people and our customers have been benefiting from many of  the “firsts” that MacGregor has brought to the market, to function reliably even in the harshest conditions. We continue to provide customers with innovative and environmentally-friendly services and products that create value for them.


Our offering for ships includes hatch covers, cargo cranes, RoRo cargo and passenger access equipment, self-unloading systems, lashing systems and Hatlapa deck machinery, steering gears and compressors, Pusnes deck machinery and Porsgrunn steering gear. For ports and terminals, MacGregor delivers linkspans, shore ramps and passenger gangways. For the offshore industry, our product portfolio includes a broad range of advanced solutions for subsea load handling, anchor handling and towing and mooring operations, as well as Pusnes mooring and loading systems and Woodfield marine loading arms.

Once the system is in service, MacGregor provides maintenance and service solutions for the full lifetime of the equipment. 

We service the following brands: MacGregor, Hatlapa, Porsgrunn, Pusnes, Triplex, Woodfield, MacGregor-Hägglunds, MacGregor-Conver, MacGregor-Kayaba, MacGregor-Navire, Hägglunds, Conver-OSR, Navire Cargo Gear, Ozean Service & Reparatur, KYB - Kayaba Industries / Navire Cargo Gear, ASCA, KYB - ASCA, Ankerlökken Marine, Greer Marine, Plimsoll, Allset, BMH, Nordströms, Hydramarine, Vestnorsk Hydraulikkservice (VNH), Grampian Hydraulics, Platform Crane Services (PCS).