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Offshore mooring systems


Pusnes RamWindlass


The newly  developed  Pusnes RamWindlass

The Pusnes RamWinch is a chain jack design well known in the industry for its compact size and low weight. Pusnes RamWinches are found on most of the Spar platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and also several other types of floating production units (FPU) such as FPSOs and semis.

The current design has a main cylinder that extends below the winch foundation plates in order to exert the stroke (jacking movement). Each stroke moves the chain two links at a time.
During recent years, a need for this type of chain jack with a flush design has evolved. Based on our knowledge and experience with the RamWinch, we have developed our new RamWindlass. As with the Pusnes RamWinch, the Pusnes RamWindlass can be used on all types of FPUs.

The Pusnes RamWindlass has the following key functionalities:

  • Locking the chain for every chain link instread of every second link

  • Compact design, requiring less height compared with our standard RamWinch

  • All-in-one foundation, no penetration through the deck

  • Jacking on Cable Lifter (CU) - not on the chain

  • Simplicity in design leads to low maintenance requirements and high reliability

  • Tension reading in both dynamic and static mode

All in all there is a great potential for future applications of the Pusnes RamWindlass.

Lucius Upending_Anadarko_kredited-2.jpg
The Pusnes RamWinches installed onboard the Lucius spar platform. The winches are designed to endure submerged conditions prior to upending.


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