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Bow ramp/door


Bow ramp/door




Efficient cargo flow and quick turnaround in port

Many ships with RoRo capability, incorporate access by the bow as well as by the stern. The bow doors and bow ramp facilitate for an efficient cargo flow and quick turnaround in port. Most RoPax ferries need an efficient drive through facility. Bow access is also invaluable on train ferries, naval support ships and heavy lift ships. Bow access requires, by regulation, the highest degree of integrity. Some ships have three successive barriers to water ingress.


In most door access designs two watertight closures will be considered adequate. ​Bow doors or a bow visor are the two options for the opening. Bow doors can be of parallel stow type (or swing-arm type), clam-type, directly-hinged type, side-hinged or wing-type. The door is detached from the ramp due to safety reasons.
In the closed position the bow ramp functions as a weathertight door.
When the bow ramp is in its stowed position, it is utilised to double as the inner door and thus seals the aperture in the collision bulkhead. It is divided in two or more sections, for example two main sections and an additional folding section with tapered end flaps. When deplyoed, the bow ramp provides access from main deck to the shore. When closed and secured, it forms a weathertight door at the collision bulkhead.