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Tilting ramp


Tilting ramp



Flexible and efficient use of cargo space

MacGregor ramps are designed to be efficient, economic and safe, while fully meeting the specific operating requirements. MacGregor hoistable ramps allow more efficient utilisation of cargo space than fixed ramps, and are installed between deck levels and the hoistable car deck. 


‚ÄčThe tilting ramp is designed to have both ends hoistable. There is a  choice of two directions for loading/discharging, forward or aft. This will offer greater flexibility for ships with both bow and stern loading and unloading. The ramp consists of a main section with hinged end flaps and when closed, it forms a weathertight closure. A choice can also be made between ramps which, in closed position, form a watertight hatch and ramps without sealing.

Locked in the raised position by hydraulically-operated securing devices, the ramps will form an integral part of the deck surface and can be of lightweight  construction. We focus on minimising equipment weight in relation to loading capacity providing greater cargo capacity and lower fuel cost per tonne of freight.
Automated operation, either hydraulic or electric. 


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