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Woodfield Marine Loading Arms


Cryogenic marine loading arms

Cryogenic marine loading arms.jpg

Woodfield Systems cryogenic marine loading arms are specifically designed for the transfer of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The loading arm features a structurally supported product pipe to cope with the cryogenic properties of the liquid.  The equipment can cover operating temperatures down to -170°C.

• Woodfield marine loading arms are supplied as electro-hydraulic with either trailing lead or wireless remote control.

• Manual or hydraulic quick connect/disconnect couplers (QC/DC) are available for the full range of Loading Arms.  An emergency release system (ERS) is also available as part of a sequence controlled “shut down”.

• Woodfield cryogenic swivels are well proven within the industry and are fully compliant with the OCIMF Design & Construction Specification for marine loading arms.  The swivel has also been life cycle tested.  In addition to being used within marine loading arms the swivels are also used in offshore loading systems.

• Woodfield cryogenic marine loading arms provide a vital link in the MacGregor value chain.

Standard design features

• Minimal maintenance

• Structurally supported product pipe

• Stainless steel product pipe

• Rigid pantograph link 

• Self lubricating bushes

• Stainless steel hydraulic lines and fittings

• Seals fully serviceable in situ

• Loading arm balanced empty

• OCIMF compliant

Optional design features

• Emergency release systems

• Remote lubrication (structural swivels only)

• N² purging system

• QC/DC coupler – manual or hydraulic

• Finish painting to client’s specification

• Drain valves

• TSA support jack

• Overreach alarm

• Ladders and platforms to slew, luff and apex swivels

• Position monitoring system 


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