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Electric cranes


Electric cranes



Fast, energy saving and accurate lifts with VFD electric cranes

MacGregor electric cranes are based on proven designs offering improved overall efficiencies and lower power consumption, translating to lower running costs and ultimately a lower environmental impact.

The electric crane series inherits the proven characteristics of the previous generation of wire-luffing cranes; all machinery is enclosed within the crane housing, ensuring safe operation and ease of maintenance.

Each crane is delivered as a complete unit tested electrically and mechanically before delivery ready for installation on board. Access to the driver’s cab follows the proven internal route through the deck mounting and base of the crane.

Environmentally friendly

  • No hydraulic oil
  • Low noise level
  • Energy savings from low starting current and from not having to continuously run the crane machinery
  • Regenerated and consumed power are monitored
  • Control of power consumption/back power
  • Lower energy consumption (between 30 and 35 per cent)
  • Less power consumption might affect the choice for smaller generator capacity onboard the ship

High cargo-handling efficiency

  • Improved operational performance
  • Short response times
  • Maximum speed based on actual load
  • Exact position of the load is maintained even with open brake
  • Short cycle times due to higher speeds
  • More precise operation ensuring easier control and load positioning
  • Precise indication of load and outreach


  • Diagnostic check at start-up procedure
  • Overload protection with load cell as standard
  • Crane performance will automatically adjust when operating in extremely high temperatures to avoid down time

Service and maintenance

  • Extended lifetime of components
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Fewer consumables
  • Improved fault-finding
  • Easy access to data for trouble-shooting

Improved load cycle performance can be summarised as:

  • the ramp time for each motion will be based on the load; this will optimise the response time of the crane
  • response times will be shorter with operators achieving an almost immediate reaction
  • crane operation will be step-less with maximum speed based on the load and outreach only
  • the electric crane can keep the load in an exact position even with the brake open which makes it easy to handle the load
  • in extreme high temperatures the crane system will automatically derate the performance to avoid downtime due to overheating
  • optimum power control and lower power consumption



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