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GLBE cargo crane


GLBE cargo crane


VFD electric wire-luffing ship crane for fast, clean and controlled lifts.


Crane type

GLBE electric variable frequency drive (VFD) cranes are self-contained units with all machinery enclosed in the crane housing. This protects them from weather, corrosion and damage.

The range covers lifting capacities from 25 to 45 tonnes, with 18-32m outreaches.

GLBE cranes are built from modules, and are easy to maintain and install.

Each crane is tested electrically and mechanically before delivery.  

General design

GLBE cranes are designed to meet the rules of all recognised classification societies and work in the tough conditions that that are associated with handling bulk material.

The cranes have a stepless control system, and hoisting, luffing and slewing motions are independent of each other. This means that at their maximum capacity, GLBE cranes can operate at full speed using all three movements at the same time.

Cranes can be supplied with the tools needed for handling specific types of cargo.

Crane details


  • Hoisting capacity; 25-45t
  • Jib radius: 18-32m
  • Hoisting speed: 18-50m/min

Important crane criteria

  • Excellent positioning performance
  • Prepared for grab equipment
  • Robust design
  • All machinery weather protected inside crane house
  • Level-luffing


  • Diagnostic check at start-up procedure
  • Overload protection with load cell as standard
  • Crane performance will automatically adjust when operating in extremely high temperatures to avoid down time

Enhanced cargo handling efficiency

  • Improved operational performance
  • Short response times
  • Maximum speed based on actual load
  • Exact position of the load is maintained even with open brake

Environmentally friendly

  • Low noise level
  • Low starting current
  • Less power consumption
  • Lower energy (oil) consumption
  • Reduced ‘Carbon Foot Print’


Product type