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GP general purpose crane


GP general purpose crane


Handle your spares and provisions in a safe and reliable way


Crane type

GP electro-hydraulic cranes are self-contained all-purpose cranes. Their design is robust and solid, and components are chosen for their durability even in the most hostile marine environment.

The standard range covers capacities from 3 tonnes to 25 tonnes with outreaches of up to 24m.

As standard, a GP crane is controlled from a platform above the slewing ring. A portable electric remote-control unit is available as an option.

All crane movements are smooth and fast, with stepless speed control. Two crane motions can be used at the same time at full capacity, but with reduced speed.

The product range includes hydraulic cranes for service operations, stores handling and special applications, meeting every requirement under any condition.  

General design

GP crane are designed for a temperature range from +45C to the lowest ambient working temperature for worldwide trading according to classification societies’ requirements.

All crane types employ the same basic machinery but differ in the arrangement of components.

Standardised and modularised components make the cranes easy to build with safe working loads from 3 tonnes up to 25 tonnes and with outreaches up to 24m.  

  • Crane details


  • Hoisting capacity: 3-25t
  • Jib radius: 8-24m
  • Hoisting speed: 10-22m/min

Important crane criteria

  • Self-contained
  • Precise stepless speed control
  • Easy maintenance

Available extras

  • Y/D starter for low starting currents
  • Limit switches for luffing, slewing and hoisting
  • Portable electric remote control, cable or wireless
  • Oil cooler for use in hot climate
  • Floodlights
  • Increased pedestal height
  • SUS fittings
  • Designed for extremely low temperatures (arctic cranes)
  • Slip-ring device
  • Centralised power supply
  • Cab
  • Personnel handling
  • Tex-Sleeve


Product type