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Cargo cranes


MacGregor cargo cranes for bulk carriers, container ships, general cargo and multipurpose vessels, tanker transloading and port cranes

The market for cargo cranes is global, with owners and shipyards spread all over the world. MacGregor is the supplier of the world’s leading marine cargo cranes. With our wide experience, we know how to optimise all the important business ingredients for your success.

It started in the early 60s with the legendary Hägglunds crane. Over the years a wide range of crane types have been designed and successfully introduced. Today our product portfolio covers a number of cranes for shipboard cargo handling. From the smallest hose handling crane to the largest heavy lift crane, electro hydraulic and fully electric cranes based on variable frequency drive. We will always be able to supply you with the right solution.




Our cargo crane offering

For bulk carriers:
  • GLB cargo crane
  • GLBE cargo crane
  • K4 four-rope grab crane
  • K4 Heavy duty grab crane

For container ships:

  • GL cargo crane
  • GLE cargo crane
  • LC cargo crane

For general cargo and multipurpose vessels:

  • GL cargo crane
  • GLE cargo crane
  • GLH cargo crane
  • GLHE cargo crane

For offshore:

  • Lattice boom crane

For port operations:

  • Port crane

For service and hose handling:

  • GP general purpose crane
  • HH hose handling crane

For transloading:

  • K4 heavy duty grab crane