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Lashing bridges




Container vessel sizes have constantly increased  over the past two decades and in 2011, 50 percent of the world's container ship orderbook comprised vessels that were sized 10,000 TEU or more.  With increasing ship sizes and higher container loading capacities, the adoption of lashing bridges has also increased. Today’s lashing bridge designs range from 1st tier, 2nd tier and top-tier lashing bridge versions; even 3rd tier lashing bridges can be available if specified.

The container is a weak box loaded with heavy cargo inside and above. With support from lashings the container is further stabilised and higher containers loads can be achieved. Stack weight and stack height on deck and on hatch covers is limited by the standard strength and available arrangement of lashings, as well as by the standard strength of containers. With lashing bridges, the lashing can be applied at higher tiers in the stack, thus giving container stacks an even greater degree of stability. With an optimised lashing bridge design, higher tiers and higher total loading capacities can be achieved, fully utilising the vessel’s cargo potential.