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Lashmate lashing software


Lashmate lashing software

Lashmate for easy and efficient cargo planning

MacGregor is a complete solutions provider, and that also applies when it comes to container stowage solutions. Our Lashmate™ stowage calculation software has been developed with the benefit of decades of lashing system design experience, providing an efficient, easy to use cargo planning tool.

With Lashmate™ on board, the safety of the cargo is easily verified. The Lashmate® software uses export files from the onboard loading computer with the actual cargo profile. Lashmate™ then checks the loaded cargo with the vessel’s particulars and lashing system to verify that all safety conditions are fulfilled. If there are excess forces detected, Lashmate™ can also propose alternative stack distributions.

The main features of Lashmate™:

  • Calculates the lashing forces for the entire ship’s lashing system and actual loading cases
  • Gives a warning if excessive forces are detected
  • Can calculate and suggest an optional stack distribution
  • Calculations can be made according to GL, DNV, LR, ABS, BV and KR rules
  • Lashmate™ uses interface files from loading computers as input files
  • Can read standard EDIFACT BAPLIE and several other input file formats
Be sure that your lashing system can handle your cargo based on what you have actually loaded and where you have put it - Lashmate™.