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Chain stoppers


Chain stoppers


Have you ever lost an anchor?

MacGregor is working closely with the major classification societies and with OCIMF (Oil Companies International Maritime Forum) in order to improve the safety of all winch operations.

We have developped combined safety devices and chain stoppers that can be installed on all types of vessels and for all chain sizes. Their function is to arrest a rendering chain and protect the motor for abnormal forces thus contributing to a safer anchoring operation. They fit newbuilds as well as retrofit for sailing ship.

Structural features

​For chain sizes up to 147 mm for withstanding 80% chain breaking load

  • Of special design with hydraulic operation of the pawl (bar)
  • Of special design for fully automatic letting-go of the anchor
  • Of special design with automatic lashing device
  • Motor protection


One of a kind
​Chain stopper onboard Pioneering Spirit


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