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Movable bulkheads


Movable bulkheads


Efficient and flexible utilisation of cargo space is the key to vessel profitability. Bulkheads improve the vessels cargo efficiency and flexibility by enabling segregation of different types of cargoes. Our dedicated movable bulkheads can be flexibly moved with weather deck hatch covers and are hooked and locked by means of hydraulic systems. We can also provide tween deck hatch covers that can serve a dual function as bulkheads. 

Sealing the bulkheads to prevent contamination of the cargo and to keep the distribution of cargoes balanced is important. The MacGregor Bulkhead sealing gear provides an easy and safe solution for sealing the gap between the hull and the bulkhead.



 Bulkhead sealing gear


​The new MacGregor bulkhead sealing gear system is type-approved and  
addresses the demands of bulk commodities transports and combinations of project and bulk cargoes. More and more complex multipurpose vessels are needed to meet the demands of the increasing variety of cargoes. Many of these new vessels are equipped with moveable tween deck pontoons, which can be used either horizontally or vertically to separate different kinds of cargoes.

The new MacGregor bulkhead sealing system is designed to seal the gap between the hull and the bulkhead in a quick and efficient way. It helps to prevent contamination of the cargo and to keep the balance in the distribution of cargoes thus ensuring the vessel stability.

A clear benefit of the system is the saving of work and time. At loading, only a short preparation time is needed in port, and the hold cleaning time is clearly shorter as the system is leak free.The system is equally suited for use on existing vessels and for newbuildings. When both sides of the bulkhead are sealed, the loading or discharging rotation between holds can be changed at any required time. Not only the flat front side can be sealed, but also the variably shaped hold bottom. The system leaves no waste material behind, and can be easily moved onboard wherever it is needed.

More and more complex multi-purpose vessels are needed to meet the demands of carrying an increasing variety of cargoes.


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