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Rescue and work-boat davits


Rescue and work-boat davits



Anytime, any weather. Keep your options open.


MacGregor rescue and work-boat davits are designed for easy installation, efficient space utilisation and reliable, long-time operations in severe conditions and corrosive environments.

A-type: Offshore Rescue Boat Davit
MacGregor A-type davit is a cost-effective alternative for handling of small and medium-sized fast rescue boats, MOBs, workboats, daughter crafts and rescue rafts.
A-type davits are designed to operate with a safe working load between 2.5 to 8.2 tons. The davit is delivered as a self-contained, hydraulically-operated unit designed for long-time operation and efficient handling and stowing of a boat in a tough and corrosive marine/offshore environment on deck of any vessel. 

G-type: Fast Rescue Craft Davit
MacGregor G-type davits is the most suitable alternative for handling heavier MOBs, FRCs, workboats, daughter crafts and rescue rafts.
Designed to operate with a safe working load of up to 15 tons, G-type davits are based on a hydraulically operated frame with a tipping boat cradle, including a winch with constant tension capacity, towing boom, shock absorbers and pendulum damped docking head and integrated power packs for normal and emergency operation. 

T-type: Telescoping Rescue Boat Davit
MacGregor T-type davit is the best alternative for handling medium-sized MOBs, FRCs, workboats, daughter crafts and rescue rafts.
The space-saving design of the T-type davit leaves the vessel deck and bulkhead clear, supporting the davit only by the overhead ship’s structure. The compact design of the davit allows installation in locations with limited height and/or depth. T-type davit is also available in FRC versions with dampened docking head and towing boom. Designed to operate with a safe working load up to 5 tons. T-type davits are based on a hydraulically operated T-shaped structure, with a built-in V-shaped boat cradle, heave compensated winch, pendulum-dampened docking head, shock dampeners, and a separate normal and emergency hydraulic power unit.



MacGregor rescue and work-boat davits for handling small or large daughter craft including MOB and other rescue boats are available in pivoting and telescoping types. SOLAS approved davits encorporate emergency backup power systems for guaranteed operation even during dead-ship conditions. Davits can make use of optional shock absorbers, heave compensation and/or constant tension features for safer handling in severe weather conditions and for heavy boats.

Davits may be delivered with an associated towing boom (slewing, luffing or telescoping) with optional jigger winch that keeps the boat under control during launch and recovery.


MacGregor davits are delivered as complete, self-contained units, designed for guaranteed operation even during dead-ship conditions.  



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Bjørnar Bakke, Sales Manager, MacGregor
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