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Conversions and modernisations


Conversions and modernisations



Convert and modernise to adapt to new market needs - and lengthen equipment's lifetime


MacGregor's turnkey conversion and modernisation packages ensure effective cargo handling ability for all cargo mixes and port infrastructures.


As a quick and effective way to react to changes in an operational environment, conversions and modernisations significantly increase efficiency in cargo handling operations and extend the lifetime of your equipment. We take full responsibility for the design, materials and installation of our deliveries. 

  • Retrofit or upgradeReplacement, addition or alteration of an existing cargo flow system.  
  • Complete turnkey delivery:  Initial study, technical solutions, design, manufacturing and installation in record time to reduce the ship's off-line period.
  • Rapid payback:  More efficient cargo handling operations and low maintenance requirements ensure short payback times.
Talk to our experts on conversion solutions to get a solution offer of the following equipment:
Cargo cranes
Deck davits
Deck machinery (winches/cranes)
Hatch covers
Offshore load handling
Offshore loading systems
Offshore mooring systems
RoRo equipment
Selfunloading / bulk handing systems
Steering gear

Conversions and modernisations give cargo handling equipment more years to live and earn money.