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Conversions and modernisations


Modernisations and upgrades

Modernisation gives more life time to cargo handling equipment

Modernisation involves upgrading ageing cargo handling equipment to the latest performance standards. Utilising new technology, the equipment is also stronger and easier to service. Maximum efficiency in cargo handling operations and low maintenance requirements result in short project payback times. 

Modernisation means

  • Flexible installation
    Equipment can be installed without drydocking.
  • Easier to service
    New equipment is based on state-of-the-art technology and adapted to enable easier service and maintenance
  • Rapid payback
    More efficient cargo handling operations and
    low maintenance requirements ensure short payback times


Crane modernisation

Crane modernisation Web Part Menu

Crane modernisation_Valparaiso 2003.jpgOur crane modernisation is in many cases the key to reliability - to make sure that your cranes are upgraded to meet the latest performance standards. Modernisation eliminates downtime and increases performance, efficiency and service lifetime of your equipment. Modernisation means also fewer man-hours for maintenance and repairs - and improved safety. Our 'Modernisation Keys' pay for themselves quickly, easing your burden and unlocking the profitability of your cranes for another 10-15 years.​


 Modernisation kits (MODs)

Modernisations enable us to help customers meet their objectives. With MODs kits, you can enhance our ability to modernise your offshore winch and bulk handling equipment.
Advantages with MODs kits:
  • Ease implementation with minimal disruptions and downtime
  • Bring permanent benefits and add value
  • Competitively priced
  • All kits are scalable and have a certain degree of customisation to meet specification ratings

 Compensation system for offshore cranes



MacGregor’s compensation system provides enormous advantages for offshore support vessels conducting ship-to-ship load transfers.


  • Safe landing and pickup of loads between vessels
  • Maximum utilisation of the load capacity
  • Widened operational envelope
  • Reduced time to complete lifting operations
  • High compensation accuracy

Read more in this datasheet.


 Pusnes brake test kit

With reference to chapter 7.4.5 in OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines, it is recommended to test mooring winch band brakes every year.
In order to test and adjust the brake setting indicator (BSI), and/or other brakes, Pusnes has made a testing tool that will fit every type of drum sizes.
The flange of the drum can easily be drilled with two ø82mm holes to fit the equipment. We deliver adjustable brake setting indicator (BSI). This equipment is made to ensure that band brake will render at 60 percent of main braking load (MBL) of wire/rope
Let us modernise your ageing cargo handling equipment - the bottom line is significantly higher earning potential for the ship.