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Conversions and modernisations


Retrofit, overhaul, add-on and replacement services

 Examples of retrofit, overhaul and replacement possibilities



 MacGregor’s fibre-rope retrofit option for its subsea cranes


The modular upgrade replaces the crane’s original steel wire rope with high-performance synthetic fibre rope, using the same technology as MacGregor’s advanced fibre-rope crane, the FibreTrac 1500. Effectively, a 100-tonne fibre-rope crane has the same lifting capacity as:
-       a 150-tonne crane with steel wire rope, lifting at a depth of 2,000m
-       a 200-tonne crane with steel wire rope, lifting at a depth of 3,000m
-       a 250-tonne crane with steel wire rope, lifting at a depth of 3,500m
The retrofit system is designed in modules for rapid installation. It includes a deep water capstan traction device, delivered in partnership with Parkburn Precision Handling Systems, which replaces the crane’s original main winch and overcomes the problems traditionally associated with handling fibre rope. The system also includes a low tension fibre-rope storage drum.
This short animation shows the benefits of MacGregor’s retro-fit fibre-rope solution employed on a 100-tonne active heave-compensated (AHC) crane.

 MacGregor 3D Motion Compensator



The 3D Motion Compensator (3DMC) is a flexible retrofit device, which is designed to enhance the load-handling precision of an offshore crane even in challenging sea states. The 3DMC can be fitted to the knuckle jib of a broad spectrum of new or existing MacGregor subsea/offshore cranes. It compensates for the roll, pitch and heave motions of the vessel to minimise any movement of the load in relation to a fixed point in space.

The 3DMC has been designed for easy installation and makes use of the existing hydraulic power unit and control system of the crane. The 3DMC / crane interface is designed so that the unit can be swiftly mobilised to a crane with the relevant fittings. This allows flexibility within a fleet of vessels that can share one or several 3DMCs between them. 

Watch a short animation on the cost-effective, flexible retrofit device, MacGregor 3D Motion Compensator (3DMC).


 Replacement & exchange compressors


Are you looking for cost saving but still need factory certified equipment with OEM warranty coverage? Or maybe you need overhaul and reconditioning for your existing equipment or some repairs to be made with a short lead time?

Do you have a need to replace an existing air compressor for your installation? Then we can offer you the following:

  • Available from stock
  • Brand new
  • Factory reconditioned
  • Air-cooled 5m3/h to 410m3/h
  • Water-cooled 20m3/h to 440m3/h
  • Screw-type 30m3/h to 660m3/h
  • Class certificate supplied
  • OEM warranty

For more information, send us an email inquiry: