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Avoid breakdowns and keep equipment operational


Inspections produce neutral reports on equipment condition and provide recommendations for necessary repair work and spare parts. Inspections do not affect your ship schedules.

As the equipment gets professional attention on a regular basis, the crew is released for productive tasks instead of time-consuming inspection and maintenance work.

An inspection provides:

  • Regular, tailored inspections for each product

  • Quick analysis of the situation

  • Professional, neutral reports on findings

  • Recommendations for remedial measures

  • Fixed prices for maintenance

  • Global availability of standby expert resources

Frequent assessment of the condition of equipment is available anywhere in the world, through remote diagnostics and onboard inspections.

Certified inspections of RoRo equipment

As a shipowner or shipmanager you have to provide your customer with a safe and seaworthy ship. With UR Z17 and UR Z24 certifified MacGregor supervisors we perform inspections as required by mandatory Class procedures, ILO C152 safety convention and Authority requirements.

Welcome to contact your nearest MacGregor service office to get help with scheduling an inspection!

Free risk reduction campaign for AHC cranes


Until the end of June 2017, MacGregor is running a campaign focuses on the risks our customers might have if their offshore cranes are not working properly. We will provide the customer with a specialist engineer working two days on board while the ship is in port. During the inspection, all critical systems will be checked and, if time allows, possible minor malfunctions will be fixed.

After those two days, our engineer will give a report covering the condition of the cranes including the recommendation of spare parts to be bought. If the customer wants the engineer to carry out any other jobs or inspections in the same go, after those two days, that service will be given at a 20 per cent discount.

For more information, please read this brochure or write an email to:

​Comprehensive and regular inspections keep you updated on the state of your cargo handling equipment.