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Annual and predocking inspections


MacGregor Pusnes offers annual and predocking inspections for their supplied equipment. The inspections ensure that all parts of the systems are checked and possible failures or defects are identified.

By performing the inspections on a routinely basis they will improve the maintenance routines and show crew how to inspect and maintain their equipment. Further, inspections performed prior to drydocking will identify the need for repairs and replacements of various parts of the system. This will give a scope of work that can be presented to the yard so that they are prepared for the forthcoming drydock. Additionally, necessary spares are quoted so that they can be readily available.

Customer benefits:                       

  • Potential downtime of system is reduced or eliminated
  • A detailed inspection report is submitted
  • A quotation for all necessary and recommended spare parts is given to assure their availability for drydock
  • Various technical alternatives and upgrades will be informed
  • Service engineers with good knowledge of the equipment are available from several service locations around the world
  • Inspections can include tasks like calibration, upgrades and adjustments of system
  • MacGregor's service organisation is class-certified



With the help of our predocking inspections you can have preventing planning for overhaul/upgrades, spare parts and personnel.