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Maintenance and repairs


Maintenance and repairs

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Ensuring the safe, continuous, reliable and sustainable performance of your equipment

When cargo handling equipment availability is critical and loss of productivity due to breakdown, accident or obsolescence is of major concern, important decisions have to be made; should we repair, modify or upgrade?

For any minor or major repair work of hatch covers, cranes, lashing equipment, RoRo equipment, mooring devices, linkspans, bulk selfunloaders, offshore cranes, winches and davits and sub-sea equipment, please contact us. Our work starts with consultancy where we undertake a thorough inspection of your equipment. We can determine the feasibility of whether equipment is right for modification, thus extending its productivity through lifetime analysis.

We service all brands, among others: MacGregor, Hatlapa, Triplex, Pusnes, Porsgrunn, Woodfield, MacGregor-Hägglunds, MacGregor-Conver, MacGregor-Kayaba, MacGregor-Navire, Hägglunds, Conver-OSR, Navire Cargo Gear, Ozean Service & Reparatur, KYB - Kayaba Industries / Navire Cargo Gear, ASCA, KYB - ASCA, Ankerlökken Marine, Greer Marine, Plimsoll, BMH, Nordströms, Hydramarine, Vestnorsk Hydraulikkservice (VNH), Grampian Hydraulics, Platform Crane Services (PCS), KGW, Hamworthy, Becker, and Luezhoe.

MacGregor_engineering_OM_test_DSC_maint.jpgWe have qualified service engineers in all our service offices to help you with both proactive (preventive and planned), on-demand and emergency maintenance. Our goal is to prevent problems and thus eliminate unscheduled downtime.

Assuring optimum equipment availability for the ship operator, our planned maintenance concept rests on the solid foundation of our worldwide service network. For support services, we are available on a 24/7 basis.


​Proper care increases the working life of your equipment, notably raising its second-hand value.


If you are not sure whom to contact, you can always send an inquiry using our general e-mail address: