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Spare parts and logistics



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Hatlapa compressors


We have manufactured compressors for more than 55 years and we can offer you a wide range of water or air cooled compressors for starting air, service air and control air.

  • Air-cooled compressors up to 411m3/h and final pressure up to 40 bar
  • Water-cooled compressors up to 374m3/h and final pressure up to 30 bar
  • Screw compressor up to 670m3/h and final pressure up to 13 bar

 Please contact us if you need spare parts or if the existing compressor needs to be replaced. We offer competitive prices with shortest delivery times and shortest response times.

E-mail for spares:
E-mail for replacement of compressors:


Special  agreement


Take the hassle out of managing your fleet’s compressor spares and consumables and make a special spare parts agreement with us:

  • Just one flat fee per month, no hidden costs
  • Spares ex-stock when you need them
  • When you request it we ship it! No enquires, no quotes, no continuous invoicing
  • On budget and your ships’ compressors run efficiently
  • Ready for service at any given time, replacement compressors are kept in stock for your specific needs
  • Dedicated service engineers when required
  • Free delivery to any destination, no transportation costs

For compressor spares enquiries please send an email to

For replacement compressor enquiries please contact us by email:


Hatlapa filtration technology


Do you need filtration spares?

Oily water separators:
IMO legislation specifies a maximum of 15ppm oil content in overboard bilge water. Around the world's most busy ports, this figure is diminished to barely 5ppm.
No wonder bilge water separation is considered as one of the most crucial operations on board.
Lube oil filtration:
Engines need clean, long-lasting lube oils. Your engine's health is threatened by contaminants collected by the lube oil as it passes through the crank case. These contaminants are detrimental to the lube oil's quality, decreasing the engine's service intervals and increasing the potential need for a costly engine overhaul.
HFT's lube oil filtration solutions have the capacity to expel these contaminants to sub-micron level. As lube oil is kept cleaner, your engine will run more smoothly, and service intervals will be further apart.
Fuel filtration:
Six kinds of different fuels, all fed to your engine. They have unique viscosities, making the engine more susceptible to clogging. Fuil oil filtration becomes imperative. ix kinds of different fuels, all fed to your engine. They have unique viscosities, making the engine more susceptible to clogging. Fuel oil filtration becomes imperative.
HFT's compact, long-life filter elements adhere to the highest standards - ready to meet the most demanding requirements.