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Spare parts and logistics


Offshore load handling


Strategic spare parts


It’s a given that you don’t jump out of an airplane without a back-up parachute. Considering even a minor malfunction could cost you days or weeks of downtime, having strategic spare parts onboard when you launch from port should be equally obvious.


MacGregor OnWatch connects you to specialists who can track down the source of a problem with great speed. But what if the problem demands spares and your ship is days from the nearest port? And when you get to port, what if the parts need to be shipped from across the globe or have long lead-times?

A strategic spare parts kit provides you with all you need to fix the most likely issues – without the job grinding to a halt. Each kit is customised to the vessel in question. Our specialists carefully select which parts are most relevant based on your specific operating conditions and our comprehensive spare parts statistics and design experience.

Contact us to learn more about how we custom design a kit that uniquely fits your needs.