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Spare parts and logistics


Offshore loading systems

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Pusnes offshore loading systems

Systematic maintenance is essential for all machinery, where demands for safe operation are absolute. We have proven systems and procedures for execution of maintenance programs for all kinds of Pusnes loading systems.

From the start we have focused on documentation of all equipment, either you need a part for your 1973 model mooring winch or your 2014 offloading reel, we will supply with the genuine original parts.

MacGregor's Pusnes loading systems ensure safe and  efficient offshore transfer of crude and other products. The loading scenarios involve various types of  offshore production and storage facilities such as FPSOs, FSOs, CALM buoys, loading towers and fixed  platforms. The transfer of oil from these facilities to a shuttle tanker or tanker of opportunity is carried out via the Pusnes offloading system and the Pusnes bow loading system.