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Spare parts and logistics


Spare parts and logistics

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Spares availability =  having the right inventory in the right location

We provide you with original high-quality MacGregor spare parts that are available throughout the year anywhere in the world.

We are able to source original spare parts and components (hydraulic, electronic and mechanical) and distribute them to any destination worldwide from our logistic centres.
We understand the importance of your equipment and fleet availability and the need to reduce downtime. Therefore, it is crucial to have timely, accurate and compliant spare parts that support and enhance your operations.
Our service experts in the competence centres together with our field service and logistic centre network are able to provide you with all original genuine MacGregor spare parts to meet your operational needs. In addition, our service experts with our inhouse database systems and technical know-how can offer customised spare parts and reliable alternatives for non-MacGregor equipment.
You can get spare part solutions for this equipment:

Spare parts management makes sure that you have the spare parts and components you need.