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Training for crew and personnel


MacGregor Academy in Norway


MacGregor Academy, located in modern facilities in Arendal, Norway is designed to meet our customers' needs for the training of operators and maintenance personnel.

In Barbu, close to the city centre of Arendal, the strengthened facility offers highly-skilled personnel and world-class service to our customers. The academy has a strong commitment to safety, quality and integrity and will support/guide all personnel in technical training.
MacGregor Academy offers a number of product-specific operator courses covering our entire product range and including theory, operation, maintenance, trouble-shooting and hands-on experiences.

The training courses ensure that operators and maintenance personnel have
the necessary know-how to safely and correctly operate and maintain all our equipment.

For further information about Pusnes offshore mooring and loading systems, please write an email to:

For further information about offshore load-handling products, please send an email to:

The virtual reality showroom is specifically designed for virtual reality simulations:

  • One module for offshore load handling and offshore mooring operations
  • One module with a defined zone where the participant can move around and operate various equipment
VR room2.jpgVR room1.jpg

A fully updated room for classroom training is also possible to split up for smaller group sessions. Technical electro/hydraulic training and simulator training are given in the updated lab.

  • Service personnel utilises the simulator for practical training and preparations for service assignments

  • Practical tests and repair are simulated in virtual reality showroom

  • Our courses can also be arranged in other locations on request.