Liftable car decks

Some operations need extremely flexible RoRo access arrangements, MacGregor can meet these needs.

Our hoistable car decks are divided into liftable sections, which can be individually operated (hoisted and lowered). If deck heights are not altered very often, as in pure car carriers (PCCs) and pure car truck carriers (PCTCs), the most cost-[?]effective solution is to height-adjust (hoisted and lowered) these car decks using a mobile deck lifter, if adequate operating time is available. These lifters comprise a standard truck fitted with a scissor lift.

To avoid excessive deflection, panels are restricted to maximum size of around 14m x 14m for mobile deck lifter operations. . If you require two levels of hoistable decks, panel size may be further restricted, because the total lifting capacity of a mobile deck lifter is about 40 tonnes.

Mobile deck lifters can efficiently accommodate a variable cargo mix. One mobile deck lifter is needed on each deck, serving up to 45 panels with atypical operating time of between 6-10 minutes.

Where there are car deck panels above a fixed/moveable ramp, hydraulically or electrically operated panels are recommended, as the mobile deck lifter cannot operate on an inclined deck surface.

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