Ramp covers

MacGregor ramp covers are custom-designed to ensure that they are the perfect fit for  structural features that can vary between different vessel types and the type of cargoes carried. Their design is influenced by factors such as maximum vehicle weight, headroom and traffic density.

Ramp covers are hatch covers fitted over a fixed ramp. They  can be side- or end-hinged and fulfil the same requirements for load-carrying capacity and tightness as the surrounding fixed deck. Side-hinged ramp covers, built in sections, provide the best solution when a long ramp is required. The ramp cover is usually operated via direct-acting hydraulic cylinders or electric screw-jacks.


  • side-hinged or end-hinged, in one to three sections
  • control system: manual or automated
  • operation: hydraulic- or electric-drive operation
  • handrails
  • sealing: no sealing, watertight, gastight or combined with fire protection

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Ramp covers

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